Devblog post #10 – Animations and Ragdoll

We made a new website, animations and ragdoll. We worked on adding more of a loop to the game, including player death.



The New Website

The past month or so we’ve been working on an new website design, as you may have noticed. The goal for this new design was to make it easier for us to share updates on our development. In the old design we only had room for updates on the game, now there is also a way for us to share tech tips and other updates. In the backend I did a lot to make the site to be better indexed by search engines.

New Website

Game Loop

I also have been working on the game of course. I created the functionality for saving and loading games. This is only implemented for the player and all it’s corresponding elements, such as the inventory and stats, the saving of the world state is something for later.

Since the GUI for the stats was already done I decided to create the logic behind it. This includes updating the visuals and the stats in the background, but also the player dying when the stats get to low. The way I have implemented it now all stats drop at a certain rate, when one of them hits zero then the hp of the player goes down until it is dead or the stats are replenished. We also created a ragdoll that we can trigger when it comes to the point of death, this will be implemented in the coming sprint.

Implemented GUI


I’m digging the new rigging

Hey guys and gals! Jeen here again with some new things we’ve done. This two weeks I’ve been really busy with making a new (reusable) rig for our main character. This rig is made on a way that it’s easy to remove from the skin mesh and to use on another skin mesh. By only changing the translation and the joint orient the animations keep intact. The rig will be able to have the same animation without loss.

Walking/Idle Animations

I’ve also researched a way how you can export the animation within a Fbx file. This way if you want to adjust an animation, you only have to export that animation again. You won’t lose your mecanim and other properties on your mesh.

This is really nice because in our old system we needed to remake the mecanim every time the animations were adjusted. Together with using blend trees it gives some nice results and giving it an overall more smooth look.


We are also implementing ragdoll physics on death. This is because we are working towards a death state to make Survive & Thrive more like a game than a hunting simulator. The ragdoll itself isn’t hard to implement for it’s a standard Unity function. But we have to use it next to our mecanim (animator). The ragdoll should not be triggered before death so we made the bones kinematics until the death boolean is triggered. Than the rigid body will become not kinematic and the animator will be turned off. This way the ragdoll can do it’s work.

That’s it for this blogpost. See you guys in about two weeks!

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