Devblog post #11 – Recipes and UI

Recipes and UI

This time Recipes and UI. We were working on the crafting part of the game so that the survival can begin. Exciting stuff.



Recipe Editor

The past sprint (2 weeks) for me where focussed on the crafting systems. We decided to go with recipes that can make more than one item, for example a stick and a stone can make an axe or a spear. This way we can utilise all items more then having to create new resources for each item. The crafting space consists of four parts, three input slots and an output slot. This way you can combine up to three different items. It is also possible to add more then one of each item. This all counts up to a lot of different possibilities, that can become confusing, but we think that exploring the unknown is part of the experience and therefore trying out all the possibilities is a thing of its own. We are planning to make it a little bit easier though. The plan is to add a list of recipes that the player already has created before so that they are quickly accessible and you as the player don’t have to memorize them all, but that is something for later on.

Crafting Recipes and UI in action

To make our design job a little bit easier, I decided to create a custom editor for it. This way I could refresh my memory of creating editors and learn some new things in the process, the result for now is as followed.

recipe editor UI

If someone is interested in how I made certain parts, you can contact me on our channels and maybe then I will write a tech-tip about it.


Back to UI

Hey guys and gals back again with some new words about what we’ve been doing.
These two weeks went by really fast. I did some animations and tweaks on existing animations. All using the new rigg we’ve talked about in the last blogpost.

sillhoute of gather animation

Another thing I’ve been busy with was enhancing the UI. You already saw the old user interface for the inventory system. But we needed some user interface for the health, thirst and other bars. I found it hard to design a UI for the look we have in our game. The look and feel is Low-poly-ish so the UI needs to match it but still be it’s own layer.

It needs to attract the attention but also don’t be too distracting. It’s a fine balance between multiple things.

The new UI bars in action

We wanted to implement a health-bar, thirst-bar, hunger-bar, energy-bar and a time indicator.

Some first designs felt a bit clunky but later on after many hours of experimenting and enhancing we finally got something we like.

UI for the bars