Devblog post #5 – The New Year

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Happy new year, long time no see! We can’t actually see each other but you can still read this blogpost. That must count for something right?

It has been a long time since the past blogpost, due to the preparations that went into the showcase at our school. Here we had to show our case, the prototype that we made. We showed off Survive & Thrive to the attracted audience and got some good feedback and compliments.

The sentence of the day would have been: ‘It has potential’.

For certain people this could be taken as an insult. But looking at the state of the prototype that we have at this moment and already having an audience saying it can become a “good” game is a nice thing to hear. And a good motivation for the team.

Also Survive & Thrive passed the HKU’s (our school) grading with ease. This didn’t come as a surprise but it’s still a good thing for us to happen. We have been working hard on Survive & Thrive and after these weeks we are feeling more appreciated for that what we have done.


After the Showcase and grading the (school) project was done. But Survive & Thrive isn’t near to being finished. We decided to take a short break first. Christmas was coming and New Year close after. The team of Four Nomads took some time to restore energy and make our minds clear again.

We’re all rested now and back to make progress!

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