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As preparation for the Global Game Jam, in which I have participated this weekend, we thought it was a good idea to get into the jam vibe by making a prototype of Survive & Thrive.

We came to the conclusion that we never really made a prototype for Survive & Thrive, testing the various gameplay mechanics, so it was about time to do so. We took a step back and made a list of the initial concept and things we found cool to add during the three months as a school project. Then Jeen and I started making these mechanics.

We found out that it went really fast with the two of us and at the end of the first day we already had a working version, which was extremely motivating. I had to take two days of, but after the three days of working on the prototype we almost had our game complete. We are now working on the final mechanics and making it feel better. When it is complete you will see it in our next post. The purpose of the prototype is to determine if the ideas we had initially are fun and are going to work. So when it’s done we will test it with our target group. For now here is a gif.



Pecari & Honduran white bat

This two weeks we have been busy with the prototype as you can read above.

But we also have been busy with Survive & Thrive itself. We have a new tradition / habit on the office of picking weird (existing) animals and model them for in our game. We have a list full of weird animals that are interesting and really underrepresented within games. One of these animals was the pecari.

The pecari is a mammal native in the Americas that kinda looks like a pig. It’s often confused with the pig family but it is its own family within the animal kingdom. One of the things different from pigs is their under jaw. It looks and functions more like a dog jaw than a pig jaw.

But I’m spinning off, back to the topic!

Neander made a pecari model on a free night when he was bored. He showed me his creation the next day and I was hooked (thus the birth of the habit of searching for unique unknown animals).

It needed some small adjustments but the hype was real. After some changes the pecari ended up on the backburner for a bit. New animals don’t really have a priority in the development progress at the moment. We simply had other things to do.


But after some long days and sleepy eyes I felt the same motivation as Neander and handpicked one of my favorite animals in the world.

The honduran white bat. I really would like to see flying animals in the game, but for now it would be a feature creep to attempt to develop that. But I had a free night and nothing to do so I thought, why not!
After some modelling the head of the model was done. Showing it to Neander the next day and making the rest of the model.


Now we have the unspoken rule that if you aren’t having your day and everything is going wrong. You can make a rare animal and it will end up in the animals for the future folder. And who knows some day, they can be walking the world of Survive & Thrive!

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