Devblog post #8

Prototyping has ‘finished’ and we are happy to share it (keep in mind it’s a fast prototype). The player is able to do some things he or she will be able to do in our final game (at least a minimal version of it).
You can find the prototype here:


You need to survive long enough to complete all the missions. Can you survive a Nomad’s Life?

Now that the prototype is finished we are going back to the main Survive & Thrive project. We made some new plannings and know what we want to do the next few months. This work will be done in a new office, for we swapped our room for another room in the HKU building. The next weeks we will be focussing on the User Interface for our game and the site. The site at the moment is build on a way that we are telling you (the reader) what we did and how we did it. We want to change this, designing it in a way that we can report on what we are and have been doing and that you (the reader) can react on that. Changing it from a monologue into a conversation or discussion. We want our site to be more open for input from our readers as this is a high priority for us.

But enough about the things we are going to do, let’s do them!

And you will be able to read about it in about two weeks.