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Survive & Thrive is a 3D survival game in which the dependency on the environment drives the player into a nomadic lifestyle. The art style is a vibrant low-poly setting in a world untouched by man. In Survive & Thrive the focus doesn't lay on combative gameplay but on living in harmony with the world around the player. For the player isn't the highest creature in the food chain. Sometimes it's just better to run or avoid confrontations. Changing his or her playstyle when the world is changing, all to survive. Pushing their character further in the world to see him grow up to become an adult, full of wisdom and craftiness.


We just started on transforming our ideas into reality. Idea for the game began to take shape during our 3rd year at the HKU Games & Interaction. Jeen and Neander started a random brainstorm inbetween work on another project. They started by going back to what they like about games. After some discussion they came up with some points and started building around these core points. And so after some time the basic idea for Survive & Thrive was born. The project then was pitched before a panel from the HKU and they gave us the thumbs up and so we started production on the 15th of august. Working 3 months full time as a project for the study and after that we are going to push it further as a company. We plan to have the game done in 2017.


  • Time & Distance based events.
  • Migrating animal herds.
  • Mystical totems.
  • Always changing semi-random endless world.


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Four Nomads is a small Dutch game studio created by Jeen Visser and Neander Giljam. Both eager to join the industry. Four Nomads is a company that focuses on creating entertainment games for the PC market. The company is based in Hilversum, Netherlands .

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